The Economy and Cost of Living:

Residents of the 48th State Senate District can see, from Springfield to Decatur, the economic blight that is plaguing our hometowns.  We need better policies from our leaders to address the abandoned residential properties, empty storefronts, and dilapidated buildings.  By investing in policies that bring jobs back to the 48th district, the problems of blight will once again recede and the locally owned small businesses can thrive once again. 

Inflation, property taxes and gas prices are out of control.  That is why I, as your next State Senator, will prioritize sound policies that lower taxes on gasoline, remove taxes on items like groceries and medicine, and fight against policies like the Governor’s tax increases.  The tax and spend habits of J.B. Pritzker and the Democrats in charge are not sustainable for a prosperous State, especially in Central Illinois.

Supporting Law Enforcement:

I stand with our Police Officers and will always Back the Blue.  Recently, Democrats in Springfield have made the job of keeping us safe more difficult for law enforcement and easier for criminals to roam the streets.  I stand for a full repeal of the recently enacted laws by Springfield Democrats that make our communities less safe and I support policies that fully fund our police departments and their officers.

Ending Corrupt Government Practices:

Year after year Illinois politics lands in the news, not for the good work that can get done, but for the corruption that infects our great state.  That is why I firmly believe that tougher ethics reform needs to be a top priority in government.

We need an end to the politically connected from getting sweetheart deals for no-show work, skipping out on important votes that affect our residents, or simply using connections to lower their own property taxes while simultaneously voting for policies that raise them.